Need Help NOW!

They needed help, and they needed help now!!!  Caring for one or two stray cats quickly turned into caring for their kittens, which in just a little while they too were having kittens of their own.  The cycle continued and now the family was feeding 25 cats!
What to do??  The family called their friend, Sheri Evans.  Sheri is a Board member of Florida DART.  They were counting on her to help.

Florida DART, formerly named Sumter DART, is the same non-profit organization, just with an updated name change.  
Sheri gathered Florida DART cat traps and drove to Orlando where the family lived.  After a brief education on trapping, handling, and care, the project was underway.  “Here comes the neuter commuter”, joked Sheri.

Because the family was unable to transport a large number of cats at one time, Sheri would pick up the trapped cats and transport them to a low cost spay/neuter clinic.  14 cats were in the first group trapped.  When the surgeries were completed, Sheri transported the cats back to the family that cared for the colony.  Very recently, 5 more young cats were trapped and Sheri once again transported them to the clinic and back to the colony after their surgery.  This will continue until every cat in this colony is spayed or neutered.

Very grateful for her help, the family agreed to pay for transport fuel and the medical expenses for the cats.   

Florida DART plans to investigate if municipalities have a need for a neuter commuter service that the organization can provide.  Local government agencies or humane organizations working with people caring for cat colonies may need a way to transport large numbers of kitties at one time, and Florida DART has the vehicles to do just that.


Florida DART has been assisting in the “No More Homeless Pets” project in Jacksonville, Fl. at numerous approved multi shelter pet adoption events.  Our transport equipment makes the rounds to several local shelters and transports their pets to the fairgrounds where the huge weekend long pet adoption event is held.  Hundreds of animals are adopted at each event.  

Florida DART is in the planning stages to expand the “No More Homeless Pets” adoption events to other cities in America.  These huge adoption events help animals get out of shelters and into homes, saving the lives of thousands of animals.

Because Florida DART has the equipment to transport numerous animals at one time, we are able to save large numbers of animals.  If you believe in what our team is doing, please show your support by sending your tax deductable donation to: Florida DART, 720 E. Southland Ave., Bushnell, Florida   33513.